Badung Regency As A Red Zone, Several Heads Of Bureaus And Media Crews Throughout The Province Of Bali Immediately Inspect Entertainment And Cafe Locations

Bali,populernews.com ,– Considering the regulations that have been handed down by the government, Bali Province, where Badung Regency is a red zone, Representatives from several media in Bali Province immediately inspected several entertainment venues in Badung Regency, Bali Province, Wednesday (23/6/2021).

Bali Province media representatives led directly by Bramono Sitanggang Conducted direct inspections or inspections following the Instructions of the General Managers Media immediately rushed to move several Media Teams who were members of this Inspection there was Buserbayangkaratv.com




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From representatives of MIO (Bali Province Online Independent Media)

In carrying out this activity, many found that Bali Province is still in the Safe Category, and the Government’s health protocol standards regarding the Covid 19 pandemic are quite safe and there may not be a need for Lockdown because the Cafe and Restaurant Entertainment entrepreneurs have strictly complied with the Covid 19 standards, besides that they are also very obedient. Health protocol.

From our discussion with several managers and staff on duty at cafe nineteen they have implemented an integrated service SOP regarding the Covid19 protocol

“Also with the Pyson Coffee Manager who prioritizes procedures, those who come must also wash their hands according to existing regulations,” he explained

“There are several cafes such as the Forge and shisi cafe which are also very strict for every visitor who comes so that they carry out the SOP for the Protocol process,” continued Bram during an inspection at one of the entertainment venues and cafes.

There are several crowded locations that we have visited that fully meet the Covid 19 operational standards.

Some of the places we have visited include,

Shishi lounge
Red carpet
Pison Coffee
Jaan Cafe
Eden Bar restaurant Given the situation that he thinks is safe in Bali, and we all leaders of the Bali media province, we really regret that the Safe Bali province is included as a Red Zone area in the government’s decision, In this case, the leaders of the media province came down to see firsthand the Inspection Process of the Heads of Bureau and media crews in the province of Bali, especially the Badung Regency City Center. (Bali Head of Regional Office (Bram).


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