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Bali,- populernews.com  One of the Best Hotels in the Kuta area, Badung Regency, which is very comfortable with the Covid19 Health Protocol, because it was used as a very comfortable quarantine hotel, of course it is also safe for tourists who come without quarantine considering this hotel.

Also very maintain its exitensinya as a 4 star hotel and also this hotel helps a lot for tourism students to learn education in carrying out their activities in carrying out practical tasks in the kitchen and also of course with very experienced trainers because they have carried out direct learning activities with the term independent learning given by the Ramada Hotel For Industrial lessons and also many lessons about all hospitality segments from the Kitchen and all hospitality activities carried out by all hospitality businesses this student independence program has been running from January 2019 before the Covid19 pandemic is very important to build tourism students so that they can practice directly at this hotel, there are several schools that have joined and studied at this hotel hotel.

Training program for tourism and performing arts vocational school children SMA 5 Denpasar de Big Sumbawa High School.

Tambolaka High School
As the person in charge and one of the initiators of this program is
Mr. Nyoman Adhi, and full support from Mrs. Anastasia Damayanti as General Manager.

And also the manager of BPK Ode and the extraordinary cooperation of the entire team who work very professionally at the Ramada Sunset Road Hotel. I hope that the Ramada Hotel Kuta can be an example for other hotels throughout Indonesia to stay excited and also help young students who will become the future successors of the Indonesian nation.

Thank you for giving our media team the opportunity with good service
(Red province of Bali


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